large collision boxes make melee units more difficult to control

This comment is specifically aimed at Garth's Terrapin Trooper. As a zerg player, I enjoy the T1 fast, melee unit, Garth was the first hero I tried for this reason. I found that doing typical mobile melee unit things such as getting surrounds and pulling weak units back is seriously hindered by the size of the units/collision boxes. I feel that the size of the map to size of the units is not great. Spreading out the tower nodes by expansions and making some chokes larger could be a solution. Another potential solution could be smaller collision boxes. In starcraft, units such as marines, roaches, zerglings, all can clump up and are thus easier to organize. Just an idea

It is also possible that I'm looking for a zergling from a unit that isn't a zergling. The terrapin trooper is a great initiator I am still certainly having fun with Garth.

Thanks for the pre-alpha access! As someone who loves competitive gaming and is studying game design, It's really a treat to see the earlier development stages of a competitive RTS game.


  • After more playing, I think I was just doing it wrong. I got the T2 unit too early and he kept getting in the way. I just played two games in which I maxed out on troopers before going to higher tech and they were much easier to control :]. I also put my T2 guys on seperate hotkey to keep them behind the troopers. Learning curves am I right?

  • BerreckBerreck Member, Administrator

    way to adapt robbin! we definitely want pathing to be more user friendly later on but I like that solution!

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