First impressions - Disapointed

I never enjoyed DOTA style games and i just do not enjoy this one. To me, from the very beginning it is just utterly boring. I have watched the tutorials and I don't know if i am just not understanding some mechanics or anything, but gather orbs to build expos, upgrade towers and then build/upgrade units and neutral weapons to kill the towers. There is no depth and excitement. I literally fall asleep playing this game. I feel the person who collects the most orbs will win. I want to assault the base threw the back way, I want to use the terrain to sneak into the opponent's economy and disrupt it. I want to actually use a strategy and to get the upper hand instead of wandering around gathering orbs and hope i have more than my opponent. It just feels too grindy and boring. I am sorry to be so blunt, but I was excited when i heard Day 9 was involved in developing an RTS. I expected so much more.


  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator

    We definitely steered away from the traditional RTS formula quite a bit. Is your dislike largely that it's so different from a game like Starcraft? What are gameplay moments you like a lot in other games? What are gameplay moments you dislike a lot in other games?

    It's possible we're making a game that simply isn't for you. It's also possible we're making gameplay mistakes. Letting us know angles on your perspective would be really helpful :).

  • I would agree at this point that this isn't a game for me. I expected a game a little more base building resource gathering and army building. ( Starcraft, Warcraft, Sins of a Solar Empire, Command & Conquer, etc)

    One of my major turn offs in games as these is the large dependency of team members. Generally if you have a weak member then you are destined to lose and most times you can spot that right at the beginning. Games such as this require a huge amount of teamwork, and if your mates fall short, then it makes for a unpleasurable match. That would be a huge waste of 20+ minutes. In games like starcraft, you can make up for some your teammates lack of skill and still win ( cheez, economy disruption, Rush pushes, etc). You could plan a strategy just by watching your team members and try level the playing field.

    One of the most important aspect that i enjoy in games is the "Wow" moments. Those moments when the unexpected happens. Those "Oh man i never thought of that and I can't believe he beat me so easy with that tactic!" moments. Whether it is Starcraft timing push or a new card build in Hearthstone or a loadout and hiding spot in a FPS like Battlefield. When i learn a new tactic that I think is interesting, I want to learn that strategy and try it out myself. I just don't feel that this game at the moment will provide me with that feeling.

    Additional thoughts:
    Remembering to press the "V" key is a bit monotonous. Why not have the army just auto respawn?

    Why have resource nodes and gatherers if you cannot do anything with them. Why not just plop down a structure that generates income? Why can't kills be the generator of income?

    About the gathering of orbs... why not just use one source of income? Then with that income, decide whether or not you want to build an army or expand?

    The claiming of orbs is a tad interesting (altho grindy) as in it can force you to fight random battles over orbs but it isn't a big loss if you lose your orb battle because there are plenty more near by.

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