Playtest 177 - MOAR Technical Pre-Alpha Build!

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PLEASE RESTART YOUR GAME CLIENT BEFORE PLAYING THIS BUILD! Also, if downloads get stuck, restart the client -- you won't lose any progress.

TL;DR - More Atlas, you say?! MOAR ATLAS!! We've made some minor bug fixes and adjustments for Sunday's PvP build, listed below.

Additionally, we'll be sending out a post-playtest survey, please make sure to provide us with as much feedback as possible. Feedback is incredibly valuable to us, thank you in advance <3

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked matchmaking - get ready to QUEUE QUEUE QUEUE #believeinsteve
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a player’s main base from attacking units above it.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a Siege Titan Weapon. The Siege Titan is a massive, non-collidable weapon with extremely high durability, that does heavy damage to structures and weapons at medium range.
  • Hero respawn timers adjusted.

    • The base Hero respawn time is now 10 seconds.
    • The Hero’s respawn timer is one second longer for each game minute past 10 minutes.
  • Gem Expansions now provide 8 Gems per minute (up from 3) and can no longer be exhausted.
  • Aquadillo’s Vindication passive should now be granting up to 20 plate per fight (up from 5)

Client Changes

  • Fixed asset corruption issues. Forever. 100%
  • Improved Chat system:

    • Chat can now be expanded to full height by pressing the "Chat" Tab next to the Game Feed
    • Chat now has a bigger history
    • Chat scrollback should behave more consistently and should make reading back easier
    • Chat members are now displayed accross all tabs, except in whispers.
  • Added Native Game Client patch notes to the help page
  • Added more logging to help us track issues
  • Increase match history size in profiles
  • Improved Solar Array alignment by 0.05 degrees, resulting in more rays-per-femtometers.

Questions to answer:

  • Is the video game fun?
  • Anything else you'd like to share? :)


    • Is the video game fun?


    • Anything else you'd like to share? :)


    I like the gem expo buff, it should make them more worth fighting for (even though on PvP Day 1 I didn't even know there were gem expos :D). Siege Titans seem pretty sick, can't really tell just how sick they are until PvP Day 2, but darn it feels good to drop them! Let the Ion Cannon vs Titan war begin!

    It's pretty obvious there's going to be way more action on the Art Map on Sunday. Oh man, I can't wait!

  • Is the video game fun?

    Anything else you'd like to share?
    Right now I feel very limited in play-style. The game feels slow and repetitive, and I'm finding it hard to really see differences between squads. Unit and hero abilities seem weak, and awkward unit pathing makes me feel annoyed.

    That's a lot of negative feedback, so I'd also like to clarify that Atlas looks very promising, and I'm excited to see where it's going! :)

  • Aquadillo buff!!!! :)

    Looking forward to trying the new weapon. And the larger replay match history is great, too!

    Thanks :)

  • PladdicusPladdicus Member
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    Yes the video game is fun.

    I'm very fascinated by the mechanics and want to break them down in depth to see what shakes out.

    'Fixed asset corruption issues. Forever. 100%'

    bold move cotton.

  • DecencyDecency Member, Moderator

    What were the previous hero respawn timer mechanics?

  • Those cubes man T_T once you're behind and you get hit by a few of em you get hit hardddd lol they're quite beefy I gotta say

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