Global Sound

Searched around a bit, couldn't find anyone talking about this specific issue.

When I have units in several different locations on the map, I hear the combat sounds for all of them, regardless of where I'm looking. This creates a lot of sound clutter, makes it kind of hard to focus.

Similarly, if I have no units in combat, but my ally's units are fighting, I hear those combat sounds. It freaked me out the first time, because I thought my base was being attacked.

A more minor issue is that it seems like the base sound level is really high. I've got all volumes at 10%, and the game turned down to 50% in my Volume Mixer, but in larger fights, the sound still gets very loud.

Sound design is great, but I can't fully appreciate it when all of the sounds are conflicting with each other.


  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    Thanks for the report and feedback! Yeah, we definitely need to give our sound system a lot of love. We're planning lots of fixes for the next playtest weekend, I'll do my best to get fixes in for the major issues you've raised here. GLHF!

  • Heya! I have a similar yet slightly different bug. Combat noise ( specifically on the Art Map ) can always be heard at the bottom right of the map. These may be the same issue acting different with my surround sound headphones! The bottom right quadrant sounds like its amidst battle 24/7!

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