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I've been having some issues playing Atlas ever since I was invited as a Daily Tester. In the 1k playtest I was able to play Atlas without problems, even in late-game situations, but now I haven't been able to play a complete game.

My computer starts the game at a very high fps, but as the game progresses, the fps becomes lower until there is a lot of stuttering and the game feels extremely unresponsive. I tried lowering the graphics settings and resolution, and while it slightly increased the fps, it didn't help me play the game. I could get to maybe the 12 minute mark using the "low" preset settings, and maybe the 10-11 minute mark using the "intel" preset settings. With both settings, the fps started over 100.

I tried enabling "double buffer ui", and this helped my units to feel responsive throughout the game, and I did not suffer from fps issues. However, in the late game (over 15 minutes), other interface issues came up and I was unable to buy upgrades (it would take minutes for the upgrade screen to appear after selecting the desired building) or buy more units (I would press the hotkey, but they just wouldn't build). The unit deployment numbers in the bottom also showed significant delay. However, my unit control was still responsive, just hotkeys and interface. Probably the biggest example of this is when a nexus dies, it takes over two minutes for the end of game screen to pop up, and then another minute or so for the game to actually close.

Intel i7 Dual Core 2.9 GHz base
Optimus NVS 5200M graphics (1 GB)

I can play SC2, LoL, Heroes of the Storm, Civ V, Cities: Skylines, and War Thunder without issues.


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    Sorry you're having problems! From what you've said it sounds like something is going wrong with the UI system. As I mentioned in chat, I'm currently replacing the UI system, which may fix the problem for you. I'll let you know when the new system is live and we'll see if that fixes your problems.


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