Fastest Solo v AI Win

Wondering how fast people can win. My last game was 33 min with Vex. I think that 25 shouldn't be hard. Is sub 20 possible? Can you cheese in Atlas?


  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    This is my second attempt; will be trying more.

  • 5 minutes? ok i was wrong, cheese is strong

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator
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    ooooh wow Cycle wth, thats awesome!

  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    The cheese is strong :D

  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator

    I'm gonna guess you get enough gems to get an ion cannon ASAP then set it up and defend it? Win-time is strongly correlated to the moment the ion starts building?

  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    Yeah. The AI doesn't know the source of the attack so you don't have to defend.
    Win time is based on gem collection speed, and making sure your AI friend doesn't take your gems. Some RNG with gem spawn locations. I think I can shave off another 5 seconds or so by throwing my army at the nexus repeatedly after placing the ion cannon and by placing the ion cannon exactly when I hit 24 gems.

  • EnjoiedEnjoied Member
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    Ah, i tried to brute force with small cubes. I should note that the 4 gem cube out ranges towers by the smallest margin. So i built some cubes and then defended them with my army on a healing ward.

    I got to the nexus around 4:30 but then got swarmed by all 3 of them and they got me. My team was doing pretty good work behind me though. would have been an easy clean up 15 min win

  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    I think with a team of 3 people, the fastest win would be around like 3-3:30 or so, depending on how the gems split up and each players' ion cannon placement timing. :D

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator
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    @Cycle you're a monster! I can't wait to watch that replay!

    Protip: Spamming assist pings (the purple flag on the smart ping menu) will call free, nearby AI to that point. Could help you collect gems or push together.

  • UrsadonUrsadon Member
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    I'm a big fan of cheesing helpless AI :)!

    Edit: luckier attempt

  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    New world recorddd :D:D

  • That is some top level AI exploiting

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    Can you even collect that many gems in 3 minutes :O

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    Oh wait thats a mini ion cannon derp, nice job!

  • QuadFormQuadForm Member
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    Team Members: Rook

    Time: 4:33

    EDIT: ShrikeGames & QuadForm - 3:57

  • Not a solo win, but

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  • ArchibobArchibob Member, Administrator

    Hahaha! Wow!

  • Refined try

    Refined.png 919.8K
  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    mmm refine that cheesee

  • CycleCycle Member, Moderator

    For historical reasons, post TW4 build speedrun:

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