Transport selection goes to black screen

I was playing as Vela and experimenting with some drop style play using the merc transport (and I was having some success and quite a bit of fun with this). But I noticed that once the transport was packed full of my army and I selected it with the tilde key the main view would go black and I would have to select either another control group (I keep my buildings hot-keyed at 1, 2, and 3) or select an area on the mini map to get the main view back.

Game ID: G8cbf58c7fef944408069ad7d2def9fff

I noticed this at about the 13 minute mark and it kept happening through the rest of the game.


  • patwoldpatwold Member

    Bump. This is still an issue in this version.

  • MutableManMutableMan Member, Administrator

    Thanks for bumping this, and apologies for not getting a fix in time for TW4. I'll make sure to get this fixed for the next test weekend. GLHF!

  • patwoldpatwold Member

    No worries! Compared to a lot of the other changes in this test weekend, this is small potatoes. I totally understand that it wasn't able to be addressed yet.

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