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Hey guys,
I was thinking about Spigots and how much I like the mechanic and I thought of a fun addition to them. Right now they all spawn Juggs at 10/10. What if there was an array of units that could come from the Spigot? Or Certain Spigots always gave the same unit?

A basic example:
Mid gives you Jugg, and the top two give you Leviathans.

More advanced:
You have a chance of getting a Jugg, a Leviathan, or a moving Ion Cannon. (OR A prebuilt Ion Cannon though this would be hard for late game after the outside towers have been taken.)

Next Level:
It spawns a dragon that attacks enemy units and has splash damage. (Mostly Jk)

I think this would be a lot of fun, and would add more decision making to the game, do we want to prioritize the spigot that will help us siege? OR maybe we should focus on the Spigot that will help us destroy the enemy. Or man it would be great if my units all had buffed movement speed and attack damage to take out those pesky quick squads, maybe we should focus on that spigot. etc etc.

What do you guys think of this?


  • I really like this idea of variations, it would add some additional variation to the game, but I have no knowledge on balance and such. It would defiantly prioritize some spigots/ 'Gem Geysers' over the others which may effect the flow.

    You have a chance of getting a Jugg, a Leviathan, or a moving Ion Cannon.

    I however do not like the idea of just different units such as a Leviathan spawning. I rather have some kind of abomination juggernaut shoot the Leviathan ranged attack or siege to fire like an Ion Cannon. I say this because it will make the Gem Geysers feel more special to me. Players will get these special units that can not be made otherwise to play around with for a short time.

  • HazardHazard Member

    I'm still gunning for dragons. Or maybe just a x3 size pyrosaur

  • As somebody that loves Vex, a 3x Pyrosaur does sound appealing. However, I feel that too many different units at different times would cause confusion / frustration as they are less intuitive than the simpler "Oh, you get a Juggernaut that gets increasingly power as the game goes on".

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