Game crashes whenever I try to play or watch a replay

Error sequence is:

I press play
I choose the mode i want to play, for example vs Bots or Tutorial
Client says GAME IS READY
I hit Accept, i see a new window about to be opened and then game crashes after this point asking for bug report, i already sent it but reporting here again to see if i can get some help or a work around, here is the log below:

Error in log is:
CHECK failed (....\src\display-manager.cpp:312): fboStatus == GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE Could not create UI framebuffer!

If any different way to testing let me know, i'm willing to help to fix the bug in anyway, i never managed to play the game yet, whenever that problem occured in the first time i tried to play, thanks in advance! Will be checking this thread later on


  • BroadyBroady Member

    Bump. Same issue here

  • BombsBombs Member
    edited May 24

    @Broady said:
    Bump. Same issue here

    Hey man! I have one question which is your video card? Also what windows version you using?

    Also, I did got help from the support team (Mark Logan), the guy was amazing and he tried to help me with some suggestions, so, it didn't work for me but i'd like to pass what he told me to do to you, so you might try and see if it works for you.

    1. Try changing your Windows DPI scaling back to 100% How to do it in the following link:

    2. Try updating your graphics driver to the latest version (I tried a downgrade, then the latest one version, both didn't work)

    Let me know how it goes!

  • MilantMilant Member

    Bump. Having the exact same issue.
    Tried reboot + reinstall.

    Now downloading new gfx drivers.
    Windows 10 + Radeon 7870.

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