New player economy nonderstanding

Hey everyone,

as the funky title should tell you I'm A) a new player and B) very likely don't fully grasp the economy in a game of Atlas.
This writeup should be interesting for everyone that wants to know what a new players thoughts are on the game and maybe where more information could be needed.

So let's define what I'm starting with: I played some RTS like Starcraft and some MOBA. I have completed to the tutorial. I have won game against the bots with autobuilding stuff and lost a more interesting one against the future overlords with manual production.

This is my nonderstanding of the games economy:

In Atlas there are three ressources. In Atlas there are three production buildings that share production slots. The most important building is the one that produces ressources. It can permanently increase your maximum supply, manufactur both of the processable ressources (your maximum supply can't be lowered or used up) and production slots (that always are shared by all three buildings).

Energy (red - even if you think its an error/warning its just the cost in red) and Green (I didn't yet pick up the name) are consumed if you produce units or upgrades.

If you kill Neutral creeps with your hero you propably get some ressources too. Although I haven't been able to pay close attention to what exactly. It's some kind of diamond shrine that activates. Most of the time it feels like I have more units the more camps I kill. Propably rewards with ressources.

Most of the updates have prerequisites but they didn't really become apparent (im not good at reading helptext). Didn't yet figure out what T2 exactly is as I can't just upgrade my nexus.

This is after my 1-2 hours with Atlas.I hope you enjoyed my writeup and found it entertaining if not useful.



  • TreiskTreisk Member, Administrator

    Awesome, love this post. I've noted down some of the issues you've described. We've definitely got work to do in terms of getting resources and the UI to get along a little better. That includes things like more-clearly communicating what resources come from what, what resources you get from doing X thing, tooltips indicating costs/requirements more clearly (including the tech requirement icon not being a great representation of what it's indicating), and even the colors of the resources possibly sending the wrong message.

    Thanks for the post, hope to see you back and to hear more from you! :D

  • celphycelphy Member

    I think for someone experienced/involved it could be interesting what I DIDN'T describe as well. What didn't i pick up? What did I miss completely or got wrong?

    I'll get to do more stuff once my exams are finished in 2 weeks but I'll steal away from my books for a game or two ;).

  • hatazehataze Member

    Hey I second this post!

    I got invited a couple of days ago, played a few matches with bots and against live players. The very first impression about the economy is that I am very confused! I read an intro guide on the forums and completed the tutorial, so resources types and supply as a broad concept were immediately clear to me ( also I played a decent amount of SC2 so I felt at home with energy, bioshards and supplies ). On the other hand I found managing resources very difficult. I can't gauge the impact of neutral camps and I can't flow the core upgrades efficiently. When I tried to manage the queue myself I was always lacking energy or bioshards or supplies to achieve what I wanted to do.

    It is almost surely a problem for new players only that will eventually solve by itself once I have more experience and I understand the flow of the game better and can plan upgrades accordingly! Consider also that my most recent RTS experience is SC2 2-3 years ago so I am a bit rusty on the genre.

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