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Welcome everyone!

The Atlas community discord server is available for anyone who is currently in the pre-alpha. Feel free to jump in, party up, talk strategy, and have a good time!

Due to us all currently being under NDA, my self and the other community staff need to make sure only verified testers have access to the server. Because of this we require a quick verification step before users gain access to the server.

How to join

Step 1: Join the discord server here at

Step 2: The bot will PM you your Discord ID and instructions on how and where to post them for verification.

If you don't get a PM from the bot it may have been refreshing its connection to the server. Often leaving the server and rejoining will fix this, otherwise please message the staff for help ;D

Step 3: Say hello! If you have any questions or run into any issue please feel free to PM one of the staff listed in the upper left-hand corner

If for some reason you are not messaged by the bot it may be offline for whatever reason. If this is the case, please message one of the staff listed on the user list located on the right side of your screen.


Q :: Why does the bot require Discord User ID :: {id} and not just the ID?

looking for the word "Discord" helps make sure that the bot is parsing the page correctly, it also has the added benefit of marking what the post easy for us humans to search for.

Q :: I downloaded the client after verifying and now I can't get access to the server! Whats going on?

If you register your account on your browser then switch to a client account it often gives you a new account ID. Sadly this looks the same as someone trying to use your account name to gain access to the server without permission so it will be flagged by our bot. Just message one of the Staff and we can get this sorted out for you.

Q :: Are there any rules for the server?

At this stage, with such a small community there are no explicit rules. That being said, some time before Open-beta something beyond the implicit "be respectful" will inevitably become necessary.

Q :: Who runs the server?

It is now in the hands of Artillery (Thanks Eric). That being said, it is almost completely managed by the community volunteers, so remember to give them some love as well! #BelieveInBerler

Q :: What does the "Staff" do?

They are mostly there to manage the server. Things like updating the bot, Introducing new players, resolving flags, and the like. Currently we are pretty light on moderation due to how incredibly friendly and awesome the community is! <3

Q :: How does one become "Staff"?

It mostly comes down to contribution and need. At the moment we don't need any more people for the upkeep of the server and bot, but if you have something you believe would be of assistance feel free to still contact us!


  • BurdockBurdock Member
    edited December 2015

    About Discord::

    Discord is a VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. (Much like Skype, Ts3, or Mumble)
    To use it you have 2 options. 
    You can ether use it with a browser by clicking the link above! 
    Or for more options and better performance, you can download the client at
  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator

    Burdock, that's for setting this up! What an awesome human!

  • EricEric Member, Administrator

    Please remember not to share the server URL anywhere outside of these forums and the client chat!

  • DecencyDecency Member, Moderator

    I'm pretty sure I can program my bot to do automatic verification based on users putting their Discord ID into their Atlas forum profile page, if you want to be extra safe- just let me know! Username is NOT unique; but you can get a user ID by typing \@Decency into a channel.

    Looking forward to playtesting on voice with teammates!

  • @Decency Thanks for the help! This will be much faster then asking people to post arbitrary things :)

    I will update the post and server tomorrow.

  • Awesome idea! Definitely going to join up later!

  • @QuadForm said:
    Awesome idea! Definitely going to join up later!

    FYI, if you join right at 12:00 along with a large group of people it may take quite a while to get verified. The mods and I don't want to make any mistakes......

    Also we want to play the game :)

  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator
    edited December 2015

    Updated the OP with more broken-down steps to get verified :)

  • Just an update, I've written a much more sophisticated bot that can automatically do verifications (it loads the forum profile link and scans for the discord id). Burdock has been so kind as to give my bot privileges (it now shows up as "AtlasBot" in the bots user section. The bot responds to !help (in the verification channel as well as private message), which will give instructions and tell you your discord id. Once you are verified, the bot ignores messages from you (except !help).

    I'm still working on adding some more features to the bot, so it may get some slight updates in the next day or so. The code is all up here:

  • (oh and note to avoid spam in the verifications channel, the new bot does most of the communication through private message). The bot will also send a private message to anyone who is joining the server for the first time (as though they had typed !help, so they don't need to actually do that).

  • Just a quick note about the bot. As a sanity check, the bot is specifically looking for a post with the word "Discord" in it (as well as your user ID). The instructions on the bot should tell you to make a post that looks like:

    Discord User ID :: {id}

    A few people have been making a post with just the ID. If people have any opinions about this I could change it, but I personally like the check for "Discord" to make sure that the bot is parsing the page correctly (I figured this also might make it easier for Artillery folks to find them all if they are just looking through posts).

  • CohLysionCohLysion Member

    Just throwing this idea out, obviously would need some handoffs, and would only be useful in the short term. If scaling continues, could expect 500-600 players, say 200 on vox. At max subscription, that would mean adding 14 more game channels, and it can already be tough sorting through them.

    [Possible Solution] Create an Artillery-side process in a game lobby that spawns a unique, temporary channel using Discord API calls. Link to channel is provided in client. Once channel is cleared, it trashes the channel.

    Notes: Some of us run Discord on separate machines, this approach breaks that. However, if one was to give this Artillery-side process knowledge about Discord IDs linked to in-game accounts, one could go the extra step and have the process also DM the players the channel from within Discord.

  • BurdockBurdock Member

    @CohLysion This is a great idea, though a lot of the draw of Discord is not just talking in game but speaking to your fellow gamers. I would expect it to better as an option not a replacement.

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