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Just wanted to put up a post where people can share their ideas for game modes.

I'll start.

A king of the hill where there is a defending team that wants to prevent the enemy team from destroying the atlas in the middle. An addition to that could be one of these:
- Objectives where if the attacking team destroys/captues them they open up new avenues of attack or gain resources etc.
- Defending team would gain an advantage at the start but can't leave the aura that the atlas emits.



    Co-Op PVE Campaigns

    I have a lot of friends who like RTS, but get kind of intimidated at the sound of "PVP". Bots are great and all, but they're usually only fun for a match or two tops. Being able to play PVE campaigns with a wide variety of difficulties, ranging from casual to requiring nearly perfect mechanics and teamwork would add a nice dynamic to compliment the PVP option.

  • Yup, you can get a lot of game mode ideas from just looking at a Warhammer Core Book! XD
    I would love to defend an objective while the enemy team can choose where to attack from and a steal the flag kind of game! :D

  • MrTeaMrTea Member

    has 1v1 been suggested? :D

  • cdisscdiss Member

    +1 to BadWolf's king of the hill mode. Map would have to be large enough so that the attacking team can't just spam AOE spells to cover the entire "atlas aura" as he calls it. But I think this would be super cool, choosing/unlocking different avenues of attack, perhaps some side objectives for both teams that would help / hinder the attackers/defenders. I think this sounds super fun.

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