My Experience so far (likes, dislikes, suggestions)

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I have started playing on Friday when open alpha began and have so far played quite a few games. The game has been fun so far and I am looking forward so keep playing.
This thread will include the things I like, the things I dislike and how I feel when they happen. It will also include a list of suggestions and I will mention some errors.

1.) This game is amazing

So, heres a list of things I really like about the game and how it plays:

a) When I first entered the game client, I was thrown right into a chat channel with lots of nice people and helpful devs. It's really important to know where you can ask something and quickly get answers and in these channels, not only the devs, but also the community in general is really helpful.
b) The out-of-game client is really intuitive. I was able to find everything I needed in no time. Good job dev team!
c) I like that you first get a limited set of units and are then relatively quickly able to unlock all the others you want. That way, theres few choices to make while still learning the game and you can later on build on that.
d) When I played against other players for the first time, I didn't like that the times was ticking down and I have to wait instead of getting matched asap. However, I came to like it, since you can do some stuff and know exactly how long you have until you are being matched.
e) The selection screen at the beginning of a game is really nice. I like how you can intuitively switch your units in and out.
f) The way at which units are highlighted when you try to click on them to use spells/skills is really nice. It's easy to hit the desired unit and to me, it just feels natural
g) Units do what you tell them to do, but they don't always use the best route to achieve the given goal. I like how there is lots of depth in commanding the units and micromanaging them.
h) I like how the map is symmetric! :)
i) The fact that you are put into a channel with the other players after a game is just awesome. You can talk about the game or simply congratulate the enemy to their win. Or you can easily add players to your friend list.
j) Game/unit movement speed and total game length is nicely balanced and makes for interesting games.

And now to the things I didn't like and/or that felt really meh or bad:

a) Several times a game has not been counted and I have been presented with an error message. It didn't appear in the replay list. It wasn't that bad in the beginning but after some games I started to look at the reply graphs more often and when I was about to do so after a game and I got an error message that felt really bad. I hope this can get fixed soon.
b) I was (and still am) often asking myself if an upgrade actually does something for my unit and what it does. If I am unsure, I feel kind of lost and like getting the upgrade is a gamble (thats mainly true with ability upgrades)
c) When I play with random teammates, I want to communicate with them, but typing takes away the possibility to do anything else in the game while doing so. It feel very bad if you are typing while some enemy shown up from around the corner and traps you before you can react because you were typing to your mates.
d) A lot of effects (red circles) seem to look similar when they are being channeled, which caused a lot of confusion.
e) It felt really bad to see my wins and my experience at the stat page, yet not knowing how I am actually doing compared to others.
f) Every time I start a game, the core automatically builds energy and I have to change it every single time. Thats starting to make me angry.
g) Something that feel really bad is when I get matched against veterans that have played for quite a while. Out of my last 10 games, I have have been matched 8 times against veterans and they were almost always in the same team (probably queued as a team). I have lost all of the matches against them. I thought I will eventually drop low enough in MMR to not get them, but that was not the case.
h) Replay maximum speed of 4x is pretty slow and we cannot jump. Watching the last battle of a ~40 minute game cost me 10 minutes to just get there, which felt like a waste of time.

Alright, heres the part I was looking forward to the most, suggestions for fixes and implementations:

a) This is one of my most important suggestions. Can we please have meaningful player stats? Currently the stats we get are wins and experience, but theres no losses stat experience is not lost upon a lost game like an ELO score is. There is simply no way of telling if you are any good at this game compared to others. Currently, if you get asked by someone:"How good are you at GoA?" You have to say "I don't know, they don't tell me". I feel so frustrated because there is no feeling or progression at all. I suggest adding losses and showing a win percentage and most importantly, showing the actual MMR. For experience, in a perfect scenario, I'd like to see it go down and up and kind of represent the MMR, but I think it could also stay the way it is if we get shown the actual MMR/ELO score.
b) A Ladder. I think we could really use a ladder system where you can climb (and fall).
c) I think it would be cool if skill/spell tooltips showed the impact of ability upgrades (Especially for ability upgrades)
d) Voice chat! Voice chat would be really nice since. Typing just takes away attention and takes both hands. Voice chat is way more convenient.
e) If Voice chat gets implemented, an option to only be matched with teammates that have voice chat activated as well would be really nice.
f) A transparent matching algo. Today I got matched against someone who has not played a single PvP before that game. This was probably a little dissatisfying for that guys. seeing peoples MMR would be a first step into a making people understand how matching works.
g) A sub-forum dedicated to mechanics. This game has a lot of interesting mechanics and I think a section dedicated only to that part of the game would be awesome.
h) A little more advertising to get enough people for 24/7 match making.
i) A way to save the unit loadout would be awesome.
j) If the game loaded partly during the picking phase, that would reduce loading time. I'd love that!
k) I think the match making System could use an overhaul. I suggest to place newcomers (people that have not played before open alpha) be placed into a separate queue for a while or at least not be matched against veterans that easily destroy them.
l) If we could watch replays together, that would be really awesome. Everyone could be able to control the replay speed and pings by one replay should be able to be seen by the others. That way, analyzing games together would get a lot easier.
m) Allow us to jump in time in replays. That way, we could easily get to see that one thing we wanted to analyze without having to wait for the replay to catch up to it.

Thanks for reading.
I will add more things as I experience them.

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