Grath - two cent suggestion, different ult.

NingaubleNingauble Member
edited August 30 in Feedback

I would like to see a different from Grath. His second/ultimate ability isn't bad but is so much less interesting than other abilities. Granted, you can make some novel plays, but it just doesn't seem worth it to take him. You take him because his first ability can be really sweet. To my mind Grath wants to be a controller, and his second ability would be much more fitting as follows: short range aoe centered around himself which still grants the magic / armor bonus - with a bonus for each enemy hit by the ability - and causes enemies, titans, or minions, to attack him with their next attack. I feel like this would make him the controller he wants to be, disruptive but encouraging of brave/stupid plays.

P.S. This is mostly a post so that I can stop thinking about it.

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