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  • The visual style of the game is amazing in the early game where you have spread-out squads fighting each other. However in the late game I feel like the 3-player deathballs trying to kill the nexus can get a bit cluttery. In particular I feel like Vela and her tier 2 Deadeyes are a little too similar looking. (both big snipers that do well at standing out from tier 1 Raptors)

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    Is there any plan to have different aesthetics for the buildings depending on the squad chosen? It would be easier to see who's buildings are who's and I think it would add some nice flavor to the visuals. Could even be involved with lore in the future.

  • I'd like to request some way to see health bars through all terrain (including impassible). In the situation screenshotted below, it was difficult for me to tell where my Aquadillo was, health-wise, was until he in critical range.

    atlas3.png 1.4M
  • I love the artwork of the units, however, there is a sharp contrast between the units and bases/gem art. At first glance bases are confusing. It is difficult to tell apart your base from an allies and all the buildings look the same. I have the same feeling towards the weapons. They look like very generic cubes and are often hard to tell apart, especially when selecting which one you want to use. Gems show up on the map as uninteresting blobs that I feel could use some more flair. The new map compliments the art style the units are designed in (bright and colorful) as the original map felt very generic (boring and gray).

  • i don't particularly like or dislike the overall art style. i like the art style of the map, particularly of the changing textures within seemingly small spaces. it makes you feel like you're traversing a large distance, and most importantly it makes it easier to remember the map.

    i do often find myself wondering what heroes/units other people have. it makes for some pretty confusing fights and makes it so that i'm only really learning about the hero i'm playing with in any given game. it could just be that i'm not super familiar with the game yet, but it feels like they're not visually distinctive enough in-game. the colors in the loading screen help a LOT, and i think if squads had a bit more of a green/red/etc tint to them in game it would help a lot. being able to click on a unit and see its name could also help.

  • I feel like the art map is a bit too "silly" if that makes sense? I guess, I was expecting "serious" map art like in Starcraft 2, where it looks like all of the things in the game could exist and would appear as they look in-game. The art map didn't look like that. I guess this is probably fitting in a game with things like "giant ice frogs" and stuff like that, but it seemed a bit off.

    The art map was done very well for the concept, and it worked well for gameplay, maybe it's my predetermined bias from SC2 but I was expecting a slightly different concept for the map, is all.

  • Heyo Artillerites!
    I will be honest, the art kind of reminded me of the style in the Borderlands franchise (which I happen to love!). There were a couple similarities, though this game is a bit more cartoony and not as heavy on the black lines. It feels distinctive in its direction though. Overall, I really enjoy it!

    The only thing I would really change would be by having more "personal" colors on the units, and not just the health bar. Perhaps make some parts of the clothing/skin of units/buildings change color according to who owns it. For example, have Hydros's barrel have orange lines on it if is owned by the enemy, green if it is an ally, or blue if it is yours. It will certainly help in identifying whose units are whose.

    Also another thought came to mind. I did like how you guys changed up the typical color scheme for identifying units (typically green or yellow for you, your allies are blue, and your enemies are red) by having your personal squad be blue (or teal?) instead of the typical green, your allies are green, and the enemies are now orange. With the way health bars are now, and the semi-muted nature of the colors (very slight), it is sometimes harder to identify your units. If you do in fact implement what I suggested earlier, you would need to change the blue/teal color to something else, because otherwise poor Ryme and Hydros will blend in too much with your color (their squads as well! D:), and would lead to even more confusion.

    Hope this was helpful!

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    I don't know if this belongs in the art section or not, but I wanted to point out something I saw in one of my closing games. I think this might relate to the view of pathing units not being able to fit into spaces that we think they should be able to:

    Specifically, you'll notice out of the two cannons firing upon my own ion cannon, the upper one is arguably within range (their respective circles overlap, granting a non-zero amount of space if we were to fill in a Venn diagram). However, the lower one is, graphically, out of range of the ion cannon, yet still able to fire upon it.

    It made me feel confused and slightly frustrated!

    range.png 1.9M
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