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Hey Guys! I love the replay system. Is there a way to see ahead of time what champions are being played in each replay? I think it would be easier than having to launch the replay viewer for each replay if I'm just looking to watch games played by a certain hero.


  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    We just released an update yesterday that shows that kind of info now when you click a game/replay card.
    Make sure you're on v1.2.0 ;)

    Note that it will only work for recent and new games. Some old ones won't have the data.

  • HazardHazard Member
    edited February 12

    Oh my god this looks amazing. Thanks BK and team!\

    It doesn't tell you who won? Or am I missing it.

  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Yeah there's a bug right now, you only see the blue/red victory colors if it's not your game.
    Will fix in the next release!

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