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Edit: Updated for Patch 185

In this thread, I've been posting some charts as I make them. They're scattered throughout the thread, though, and a lot of them are pretty useless.

So here are just the ones I consider handy, in one place. I've also cleaned them up a bit.

If I make any changes, or add any new ones, I will edit this post.

Extrinsic unit statistics normalized by gold cost:

Note that all of these charts share the same color scale. So you can quickly see, for example, that Wisps Sprites have the best dps/gold in the game and that tier 2 units tend not to have great stats.

Hits to kill for tier 1 units:

The number of hits it takes the unit on the left to kill the unit on the top.

Time to kill for tier 1 units, normalized by gold costs:

The time, in seconds, it takes 1 gold worth of the units on the left to do 1 gold worth of damage to the units on the top.

Stats upgrades flowchart:

Unit statistics by tier:


  • BurdockBurdock Member
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    This is amazing work! Everyone needs to have you on speed dial for making guides :)

  • snkzsnkz Member, Administrator

    Wow this is beautiful, great work Aethallyn!

  • Is there a reason why armor is not given to us?

  • I would guess that it's either an oversight, or that all units have 0 base armor, @Gorlak.

    If it is non-zero, I would love to update these charts with it.

  • Units do have a base armor of 0, but there is a scaling with levels for all your units. Your hero does start with armor and MR, but it's not provided in the Atlaspedia. MR does not scale with levels, and can only be gotten by purchasing upgrades.

  • SpideyCUSpideyCU Member
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    Heroes also start with differing amounts of armor (e.g. Eris: 0, Hydros: 10), but I think they all start at 0 for magical resist? Not 100% sure as I haven't checked the in-game tab for all of them just yet.

  • I've updated charts to present Atlaspedia info. I've also implemented a scraper in my script that generates them, so it should be fairly painless for me to keep them up to date as the game changes (except for the upgrade flowchart, and I have no idea if any of those have changed since the 1000 player test).

    If anyone thinks any other charts would be useful, please let me know.

  • Updated!

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    Important to remember that unit abilities aren't represented in this chart as far as damage and staying alive goes. That being said, great work!.

  • @Hazard I would love to make some graphs that account for ability use. Ability numbers, though, aren't on the website, and I don't want to have to manually get those numbers from the client and keep them up to date.

    Accounting for abilities would still be a largely manual process, but at least if I could automate getting numbers, I'd be more inclined to do so.

    I'd also be happy to share my scripts (they're python) with anyone if they'd like to play with them. I'd have put them on github by now if it weren't for the NDA.

  • Updated for patch 185! Evidently you have to buy Illusion Man for 100g :tongue:

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    I'm gonna piggyback off of Aethallyn's thread to add an image for the merc charts. This was difficult for me as I was struggling in-game to figure out what I needed to get in order buy what I wanted. The visual representation has helped me, maybe it'll do the same for others. It'll be easy to update with changes the way I've set this up:

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