Thanks Hydros -_-



Hydros starts killing a titan camp. He stops midway through to come over and steal the gems that I am getting from my camp and pulls a titan that he left alive into our shared worker line which kills workers for the next 3 minutes.


  • SpideyCUSpideyCU Member

    Bots will do stuff like that, yeah. Bot allies are OK for figuring out the base mechanics of the game, but the game really takes a new dimension when you queue up with 2 other real players. It's nice to, y'know, coordinate on stuff like that, heh.

  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator

    OH that is comically brutal Erabeus. We used to have an expansion closer to the main base but if one of the titans was accidentally aggro'd, it would sit in your main and kill everything there >.<.

    This is a behavioral bug we'll be sorting out post TW2 so APOLOGIES for any bot-related maladies that occur afterwards. Things are generally much safer in PvP as SpideyCU suggests.

  • ErabeusErabeus Member

    Yeah I imagine the game will be a lot more fun and dynamic with 5 other real players in the game. Can't wait for Sunday!

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