Game abruptly ends midmatch

Apologies if there's already a thread about this, I couldn't find one. In the middle of my first game, the enemy bots' nexus suddenly exploded (it wasn't close to death or anything) and the following message appeared in the launcher/client:

Game G0394642028ed4876a61899591e1c5176 exited without any result.

If you were playing bots, this usually happens when you exit a game with Alt-F4. Next time, try ending the game with "/gg".

I had been playing vs bots, but I hadn't exited with Alt-F4 (or attempted to exit at all, for that matter).


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    It looks like your Bot-teammates finally made a push in and killed the nexus here at about 41 minutes into the game. Such collaborative and helpful companions, they are.

  • Ah, thanks, the message there confused me there.

    (Also now I feel a little silly, gg bots)

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