Atlas Test Weekend 2 - Brief Lag Spikes

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Gbcbd8783be9c43b3b5945948e840829d (only 1 major lag spike in this game, game never froze though, mostly smooth overall)
G9354aa5949a54037a60a2b56531badd7 (significantly more lag in this game, several spikes and one brief freeze)

Greetings! As I described in my last forum post I am pleasantly surprised with how fun the core game mechanics are in Atlas and how quickly I understood them (only took me 1 game of being totally lost because I couldn't tell how strong neutral camps were and I forgot to buy Charms haha but Day9's tip video was super helpful). Besides a few minor issues like fighting over gems with teammates (maybe teammates should also be able to claim the same gem), your gems spawning under enemy reward towers, leviathan control feeling clunky (it seems to take a while to turn around), no way to manipulate gold income, the game was a blast to play. There were plenty of back and forth moments in my games too.

Biggest issue I have found so far are these weird bursty lag spikes that seem to occur only in the mid game or late game, so past 20 minutes. My teammates could feel it too and I've seen users in the general chat mention the occasional lag spikes. I didn't keep track of the actual time stamps but the 2nd replay had significantly more spikes (5ish?) and a huge lag spike during a major battle in the middle of the map. It might have something to do with the number of units or particles. Basically the game just runs really slowly and sometimes your units don't move at all for around 2 seconds before returning to normal. Lag spikes seem to last only a few seconds though before going back to normal, longest one was in the 2nd replay for what seemed like 8 seconds? The spikes weren't terrible though and the game was still playable for me. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. :)


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    Resonance22: Thanks so much for including the Game Ids here. We can look at the server logs and learn a lot about the lag you saw, like whether it was caused by network packet loss or some of the game code taking too long to run. Glad you're having fun so far.

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    Large amounts of lag in this game:

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    There was lag in this one too, we weren't sure if it was a player causing the lag or if it was the server. In the beginning it was more likely a player but later on it was causing random occurrence of lag.


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    Ditto, several spikes here:


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