Fantastic Community

I just wanted to say that this whole experience has been completely shaped by the players who were here testing with me today and you guys were AWESOME. I was nervous to jump into PvP - I am a mediocre RTS player and have never played a MOBA so I was afraid to cripple my teammates by being the worst player. Everyone was super awesome and supportive though - I never felt anything but encouragement from my teammates and I did not encounter a single bad-mannered person in game or in chat. Thanks everyone for being so wonderful - I hope the game can maintain this positive atmosphere in its community!


  • Well stated Calvin. I had the same experience. I'm very optimistic that the great community that we all experienced today will continue to surround this game.

  • bonobonsbonobons Member

    YAAY glad you're havin a good time Calvin! Here's to many more good memories to come! :>

  • SpideyCUSpideyCU Member

    <3 for everyone!

  • I'm glad to hear that you didn't experience toxicity in-game. I avoided the PvP during the test weekend because I was worried about that. It's what drove me away from LoL, Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm. I'll probably try out the PvP during the next test weekend, now that I'm hearing this. I've heard the argument made by competitive players of those games that "toxicity is part of the game," but really, they're just making excuses. Hopefully, this community can stay clean, because I'm excited to see where the competitive scene might go for Atlas.

  • Day9Day9 Member, Administrator

    I'm thrilled you are enjoying our wonderful community :D. Big credit goes to the Daily Test group for being so supportive, positive, and fun-focused. It's been a blast to hang out and test Atlas with them for the last several years. <3

    @GeekMasterK: If we have any issues of people being toxic, we're pretty firm about bans and extended timeouts. Expressing frustration in a game is one thing. Directing it another person on your team is another. If you ever have any issues or see any issues feel free to message me or anyone else at Artillery directly and we'll sort it out as soon as possible.

    We definitely look forward to you joining us for TW3!

  • @Day[9]: Glad to hear you guys are committed to keeping toxicity in check. And yeah, expressing frustration in a game is fine, but it's definitely not okay to resort to singling out another player. My entire short-lived experience with the community of League of Legends was basically just people online telling me to kill myself, so, yeah, here's hoping this community can rise above that. I would hope so, considering the early build has been pretty fun so far, and I personally see a lot of potential in the project. I'm not too worried, though, considering the awesome attitude that you bring to just about everything, Sean. That kind of positivity tends to rub off on people! I'm looking forward to the next test weekend! :D

  • JiviraJivira Member

    Stepping in for a moment to voice my support for this thread! Everyone was quite friendly, even when being a little bit pessimistic about their chance of success in a game. People even went so far as to be praising others for how skilled another player was.

    It is important that all of us continue that positive energy, here and elsewhere on the Internet. "Solo" queue situations in a number of games can be quite trying emotionally due to lack of support from others in the community. While players can get really into the competitive aspects of a game or get pushed out of their normal calm by the frustration of a string of losses, we can all strive to direct that energy towards improving our gameplay or at least towards the events of the game rather than the skill and life of another player.

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