In Game Lag Spikes TW2

Game Replay: Ge6d4b25bc805422ba1571657cc4f6c7b

At around 32:20, there was a pretty bad lag spike. There wasn't any fighting happening, we were just getting ready to move out with our units. The game would freeze for about a second, then play for a second, and repeat that for about maybe 6-8 seconds. Single instances of 1 second lag rarely happened through out the game, but at 32:20 specifically it was really bad. The whole team was getting it. It didn't look like it sped up to compensate for the lag, it was more like the game briefly paused and then kept going.


  • SpideyCUSpideyCU Member
    edited March 7

    I experienced that too, several times throughout the course of the game.

    Edit: D'oh, saw another thread that's already discussing this. Put replay link there.

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