First Intro Bot Game: Why is my worker dancing?

So during my first game, which was a intro bot game, towards the very beginning there was a moment when both of my workers for one scrap node synched up and somehow "bumped" into each other. I don't know if this has been reported yet, but one of the workers got stuck in some sort of loop where it seemed that it couldn't figure out if it turned in or not and just turned in circles.. in place. Later I saw two of my other workers at another node do the same thing but both were stuck. It did, however, not last forever, after looking a way and collecting some guardian gems, i looked back and they got back on their path. I'm not sure if it actually reduced my scrap trickle, because it was my first game and i wasn't paying very hard attention to my scrap pile :p but if it did, that would be a game changing(inhibiting) bug.

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    I hope you find this helpful, KwadwoJC :]


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Thanks KwadwojC. We're troubleshooting this now, and I expect we'll have a fix in before Sunday. You're right about this being more than just an annoyance -- if it affects one player and not another it becomes a real strategic difference because of the scrap harvesting rate.

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