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So I think it feels really unresponsive and weird that I can't hear the deploy sound when I press V and I am not looking at the main base (the sound fades with distance?). I like the sound, it works great and I believe (might be wrong) that it gives you a rough sense of how many units were deployed.

What I would prefer is that the sound is the same level no matter where you have the camera. (There might be a point in having some part of the sound be specific for when you look at your base and deploy.)

While I'm on the topic I have one further suggestion on the feedback of the deploy sound:
Create some distinction between the sounds when units from different tiers deploy. Maybe add some flare to it and/or make it heavier/louder/more bass heavy etc.

I put this in discussion because I suspect that it might just be a very personal nitpick + it's a very small topic.

I want audio feedback when deploying units even if I am not looking at my main base.


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    And "Body is 2 characters too short". So...stuff.

  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Very reasonable ideas, both. I'll add it to the list of things to do :)

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    +1 I often look back to my base to make sure I pressed V rather than B. Maybe also make it so that you can link your deployments (you just press V without having anything selected and all available units spawn from both merc and squad structures) and also toggle deployment so that if you want your units to spawn on completion you can.

    (Or maybe these elements are supposed to split the player's attention, like having to set workers to harvest in SC1?)

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