Game Crash - Using Howling Commando Energy Shackle on flying ward

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Game ID: G3afd7e074ff84bf1bfd7a9fde944f276

I submitted a BugSplat form also when this happened, but I figured I would also make a forum post.

In this game I was playing as Grath. I used the Howling Commando ability Energy Shackle to bring a flying ward to the ground and the match immediately crashed for everyone. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the flying ward itself being snared, or if it was the fact that it was sitting over unpathable terrain, and therefore might also cause a game crash if the shackle was used on a normal flying unit that was sitting over unpathable terrain. I couldn't really do any repeatability tests since it would involve crashing the game for 5 other people :p

I watched the replay again and it actually also causes the replay to crash, and I got another BugSplat window pop-up.


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Thanks for reporting this Erabeus. Your guess about the root cause is remarkably close to what really happened.

    When the game tried to calculate the new Z coordinate of the grounded ward, it tried to use the navigation mesh to find the ground height and came up with 'NaN' since the position was off mesh. In the next tick, something targeted the ward, and tried to calculate the travel time for a projectile, but came up with nonsense since the ward's position was wrecked.

    Neal and Harrison fixed this after your bugsplat, and this was one of the hot fixes applied to subsequent games during the playtest. When you watch the replay, the original code gets used to re-simulate that game, so it gets the same crash. But because of your bug report (and Neal & Harrison's quick patching) it didn't hit anyone else the rest of the day. Hooray!

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