Playtest 207: New Titan Art!

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Playtest 207: New Titan Art!

TL;DR - Sunday's playtest features the same build from Wednesday with new Titan art!


  • Preeeeetttttyyyyyy.

  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator


  • Whelp, I'm terrified.

  • My nightmares thank you, probably.

  • That looks awesome.

  • Is there a story behind the image's filename (eric-says-ok)? does Eric give the final go ahead for what images are included in patch notes?

  • HazardHazard Member

    I am also curious.

  • Cerebral09Cerebral09 Member, Moderator

    Eric is overlord. Do not cross Eric.

  • SpookySpooky Member

    Flower Mantis and Slug Bunnies. I like it :+1:

  • HazardHazard Member

    I love the slug bunnies :)

  • Art Feedback

    (1.1) - Love the style and what this might open up for how the lore develops. The blue grid becomes more and more disturbing.

    (1.2) - Essentially a non-issue, scale is a little off next to the place holders, lost track of some of the minor titans next to it.

  • Jugg aspect footsteps are cool. New Titan art is cool. You guys are cool.

    I missed the patch where the faux-health bar was removed from the gem spigots but I have to say THANKS for addressing this. Much easier to view now.

    Counter to some comments that were made in the previous weeks, I don't feel like I know how every game is going to pan out or that it's too predictable. Maybe it's just me but I know I'm not yet doing my best - I still forget to use my tier 3 items' active abilities, still get surprised by Anees' use of cubes, etc.

    I have to say that the one thing I miss from War3 or Dota here is the viability of counter-jungling. I never feel at risk when taking on titans, the "oh shit I engaged before checking and now I'm sandwiched between the creeps and the enemy" feeling. The introduction of shield batteries is, in my opinion, a net neutral change. Sure, there's the additional tower there that means I can more likely get over there before something happens, but the battery itself being there means my opponent has more reason to go there (and I have more to lose) when I'm battling titans elsewhere.

    I realize that, even if this was something that Artillery DID want to introduce, it would be map-layout dependent so I'm not expecting this anytime soon. Just noting that it's both a cool feeling and option that I'd love, if it were available. Just felt like bringing it up for the sake of conversation.

  • In post game I noticed that my opponents had thorns (damage reflection), but I had no idea that was happening in game.

    Also missed a cleansing light. That really needs an obvious sound effect.

  • I've been clearing the medium jungle camp and taking my first expansion at the beginning of the game, but not bothering to expand further after that, and this has been working out for me. I replayed the second game:


    What I noticed was that our opponents took their second expansion very quickly, and may have also prioritized tech level 3 (do tech levels count as upgrades on the stat display?). So though our total scrap was pretty close in the early game, my team had a distinct upgrade lead (I also noticed that scrap is not counted in your total while it is in "research limbo" so I can't tell for sure that we weren't just ahead on scrap). Right now I think expansions might be more trouble than they are worth.

    I should mention that though I felt we had the advantage, it actually turned out to be close and exciting game. I was punished when I overextended, and the enemy team was able to execute some effective harassment and back-dooring (though we did not have many expansions for them to destroy).

    The more I play with shield generators, the more I prefer them to expansions as destructible objectives. It does really help gameplay when combat advantages are temporary (jug aspects) and losing an objective doesn't put a team at a combat disadvantage for the rest of the game.

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