How to be as Vex'ing as possible!

Its pre-alpha! but that doesn't mean its okay to not plan.

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I did not play Broodwar, but I like reading about the history. So when a unit worked like the lurker (the Lava Spitter), I wanted to see how it would function in the game. It turns out, the Lava Spitter absolutely smashes in the early/mid game, but kind of falls off as units get stronger/faster/longer range.
I had also been working with the Devilkin Dervishes, but was unsatisfied with their performance without the 'fundamental' upgrade of Aurabooster (+2 range and +10% movement speed), making early games feel flimsy.
So when I started using Lava Spitters in the early game and then later transitioning to Devilkin Dervishes, I started having very good success (4-1 in pvp match score).

the Build:
VEX! [Vex Face PLZ]
Spitfire (dudes)
Beetle Fighter (melee)
Lava Spitter (Lurkers)
Devilkin Dervishs (Shaman)
Apocalyte (endgame content)
Optional slot. I favor Teleporters in the optional slot for mobility and BACKSTABBINESS!

General Playstyle:
This style is about positioning [MAKE SPACE PLZ]. You want to force opponents to worry about you, letting your teammates get scrap/titans. In the early game, this means getting Tech Level 2 first and obtaining some Lava Spitters to push with the first titan your team gets to let teammates take the remaining titan wells.
Later in the game, Devilkin Dervishes will make your army the most mobile and flexible army I have seen yet, allowing for backstabbing and out-positioning. You want to find opening and exploit them, forcing enemies to defend while allies can claim objectives.
This composition is really low scrap (75 for Dervishes, and you only need ~3, all rest goes into upgrades once Lava Spitters are obsolete), so its okay to play scrappy, force fights, and worry less about the neutral camps than more scrap-heavy compositions.

The Plan:
Clear the side medium/easy camps, then the vertical medium/easy camps. [FIRST CAMP PLZ],[SECOND CAMP PLZ], repeat for the top/bottom camps.
Try to solo the safe well (horizontal to your start point, IE: top well for the top side)
Push with the first titan [PUSH WITH ME PLZ]. Try to distract opponents so allies can get the remaining titans. Remember: it is more important to take NO damage then to deal damage, dance around and try to keep your army intact while distracting enemies. Try to find openings too [FIND AN OPENING PLZ] (note the minimap).
You should try to get Tech 2 and 1-4 Lava Spitters up at this time.
Note: Lava Spitters are VERY good space control in the early game. Basic units simply cannot push into them, and I have
won 1v3's at this stage vs opponents who did not know this. However, don't overinvest, and once you have ~4,
spend some scrap to get the '+2 range' upgrade for your Spitfires (not the Devilkin one yet).
Get some camps, do whatever until the wells open up again. Try to get to the first camp to open ~30 seconds early and set up your Lava Spitters to zone the enemies [MAKE SPACE PLZ].
Now you have ~4 Lava Spitters, +2 range for Spitfires, possibly +1 attack/+1 armor, the next thing to spend scrap on is the Devilkin Dervish upgrade + 1-3 Dervishes. If the game is scrappy, and you feel that Lava Spitters are a better option, then don't transition yet. Only phase Spitters out when they start being dead weight.
Now put scrap into more basic upgrades, maintaining ~3 Dervishes. Your game now is finding openings, trying to make space for allies, and backstabbing. Backstabbing is important vs space-control comps, such as Purifiers or Trebuchets. If something looks scary to push in to, don't push there, and feel free to use Dervish Bloodlust to escape. You want to force opponents to hold back and generally be where they don't want to be.

As the game drags on, feel free to pick up some Apocalytes and make use of your Optional Slot and you should be good.
Its important to let your teammates know when you're going to be backstabbing or making plays.They can't take advantage of the space if they don't know its coming. With a little practice, you'll feel right at home with this style.**

GL HF, and be as Vex'ing as possible!

ENDGAME: Gfb11d67002e04328b60af58d435d7808
TAKING ADVANTAGE OF EARLY SUCCESS: G6c37ee22a4db49358775fa1b45a03870
WHEN AN ALLY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE SPACE YOU OPEN UP AND YOU GET CARRIED (Source of screenshots): Ged3c6728d3ae4a8ea98669062fc8559e
Check my profile for a few more (Lasender#6072).

I put waaaaay too much effort into this.


  • SlammeRSlammeR Member

    I have used a very similar build except I do not use lava spitters, instead I rush out my spitfire upgrade and a few attack upgrades and then transition a bit later into dervishes and Apocolyts. Spitfires are imo one of the strongest t1 unit, really fun to mass.

  • LasenderLasender Member
    edited May 23

    I agree with you SlammeR on Spitfires. On Lava Spitters, I'm finding they're such a cheap investment, yet do so much in the early game, that its been worth getting two or three.

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