Sludges feel totally unbeatable and can sit on enemy fountains forever

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I've been testing Sludges a lot today and they are both bugged and shockingly strong right now, to the point that they can sit in an enemy fountain indefinitely and also consistently wipe entire enemy armies the instant they come into play. They do an incredible amount of damage now and their healing is such that if they manage to get on top of the enemy they are effectively unkillable, in addition to the way they warp entire battles around them (as is intended).

I'm not even bothering to micro the rest of my armies once I have them online because it no longer matters, and with the building/heal bug as it stands I can't really test them in good faith as they break the game too hard to get an accurate idea of their actual power level.

For reference here are two replays where I use Sludges against humans and here is a link to the thread describing the rather significant bug. In the first replay I spend half my time sitting on top of the enemy fountain at full health and my opponents cannot leave because if they do their armies will instantly die.



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    They posted in chat that they are aware. copy/paste

    [Global][BKcore] Confirmed sludges broken
    [Global][BKcore] We're going to disable them until we fix them
    [Global][ItanoCircus] Can't wait to Toxin Alchemist them to death
    [Global][BKcore] until then please don't pick them
    [Global][ItanoCircus] Ah, okay
    [Global][ItanoCircus] What's broken about them?
    [Global][ItanoCircus] The rate of HP gain from structures?
    [Global][BKcore] once they start draining a unit and kill it, the heal over time never terminates
    [Global][BKcore] so they just stack HoT infinitely
    [Global][ItanoCircus] ..oh
    [Global][BKcore] the more you kill
    [Global][BKcore] the more they heal
    [Global][ItanoCircus] Yeah, that's pretty insane
    [Global][BKcore] FOREVER

  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Yep thanks for the report!
    We're disabling it for sunday until we can fix it.

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