Atlas Runner making windows make sounds after specific keys are pressed.

Steps to reproduce. (Windows 10)
1. Open Atlas Runner
2. Press "Ctrl+C" or "Ctrl+X"
3. It will make whatever sound is set to "Default Beep" in windows settings.

This doesn't happen if you are using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X to copy or cut text.

It is annoying because Ctrl+X is occasionally a hotkey for lava spitters. It does work, but makes the sound as well.


  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Woah I guess I never noticed it. Thanks for the report, we're going to investigate!

  • tedstertedster Member

    I was about to log this bug because Ctr-c is often my hotkey to unroot seige units and it makes a horrid sound every time

  • MilleaMillea Member
    edited June 30

    Temporary fix instructions for windows 10 if it really bothers you.

    Note: this will have some side effects and cause a lack of some other windows sounds, so i'd recommend putting it in a separate profile.

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