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Couldn't see if there were any threads on this already, so apologies if this is a duplicate or already addressed somewhere else.

I think the looks very good and it's easy to navigate, but when browsing on a mobile (at least with mine) it appears weird / broken in some places. It's rather minor, but the menu only has a background for the Download to Forums buttons, the rest is stacked to the right without any background.

The text in the forums doesn't really use the phone screen well, it appears has a lot of whitespace on the left and a lot on the right, probably because of the menu buttons on the side.

I haven't really tested the other pages on mobile, but I can do so as well later.

I know that this probably isn't a priority (rightfully so) but I thought it would be good for future references.

Attached is a couple of pictures that shows how it appears on my phone (a HTC One M8 if that mattters), they show it a lot better than I can explain.


  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    Interesting. I don't seem to have this issue on my N5x. Is it using the stock browser?

  • ElthanElthan Member

    Using Chrome, which I believe to be the stock. Not actually sure on that one.

  • celphycelphy Member

    Replays don't work on mobile as well. (Chrome, Android 5.0.1)

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