Competitive play in Guardians of Atlas

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I asked some questions in the twitch stream about whether there is a competitive mode planned, and if it would be in skirmish mode, one of the mods told me to open a discussion on the topic of competitive play, so here I am.

There are 3 points I want to discuss:
- Ladder system
- Pregame lobby
- Queue system

The ladder

My past experiences include League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft, Hearthstone and CS:GO, so I have lived a lot of terrible ranked systems(looking at you Counter Strike).

The 2 systems that I personally enjoyed the most were the Dota 2 system(a flat MMR number that increases or decreases on each win or loss) and the League of Legends system(Multiple leagues which are divided into divisions).

The league of legends system definitely feels more rewarding because you always get a shiny animation when you reach a higher league and you can tell people "Hey I'm gold" while the flat numbers of Dota feel a bit underwhelming.

The pregame lobby

I don't have a lot to say about this, I feel like the pregame lobby is in a good state already with only one hero of the same kind allowed on one team, the only thing I would add would be a pick phase where both teams can see the classes picked.
Characters would be picked Team A, 1 pick - Team B, 2 picks - Team A, 2 picks - Team B, 1 pick.

There are not as many characters so it should be possible to have one of the same character in both teams.

The queue system

This is the most important for me, I feel like there should be a ladder for solo play and a ladder for 3 man premade play.
Coming from league with the dynamic queue system(1-5 player parties allowed) I feel like a 4man premade in a 5 player game helps to develop a really toxic environment(or a 2 player party in a 3 player game).

Also it devalues the solo rank you achieved if there are other people that just win more games because they always queue up as 2 players, which leaves only 1 player to troll/play bad whatever.

Please excuse bad formatting, typos and grammar mistakes please, I am not good at writing things like this, if you have any thoughts about the points I brought up or other points you want to have included let me know.

Edit: I personally only play ranked in any game that I play, it feels way more rewarding if you see your rank go up after a win or down after a loss. And people tend to try harder if they get a rank out of it that they can compare with the ranks of their friends.


  • The Titans as an objective is very boring and seems like a lazy addition, it does the same attack every few seconds, is a huge damage sponge and just walks down the lane when defeated. It doesn't add very much to the game other than pushing for the winning team. It having so much health makes it frustrating so frustrating to fight.

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