[REQUEST] Camera controls

AggressiveAggressive Member
edited August 27 in Feedback

I come from a background of FPS games and as such I greatly prefer to have movement/camera controls on that I desire. But you can't rebind the camera controls from the arrow keys which is a huge pain for me and there isn't a good reason to keep them to arrow keys only. Another thing that would be useful is the ability to change game options without needing to be in a game. Also the option to disable edge panning would be good


  • MicahMicah Member, Administrator

    Hi Aggressive. Thanks for the feedback. Those requests all seem technologically possible, and I'll add them to the set of future improvement ideas.

    For now, you can effectively disable edge panning by setting the edge panning speed to 0 (slider all the way to the left).

    That's actually how I play, and use the middle-mouse button + drag to fling the camera around explicitly. I'm not sure this is good for anyone else, but it's how I prefer it.

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