Minor chat issues.

I was just haunting chat a moment ago and found it particularly difficult to follow different conversations or even the same one between multiple people. The names are both of the same colour and length so it makes it difficult to follow. Perhaps I have been in twitch chat too long but some colours to distinguish things might help. Not sure but it may be a contrast issue between the background and name colour that is contributing to this perception problem. A second issue is that the history for chat messages doesn't seem to be that long. If you have 5 people talking excitedly, a message will quickly disappear. While not terrible, it would be nice to have. One last thing, if you are looking at an old message and a new message is posted, the position of message you are viewing moves. While this is a luxury, it would be nice if they would stay put at least temporarily.


  • Also, I have just noted that the system will automatically go to a few lines above the bottom whenever you switch between windows. That is to say, it will not automatically go to the bottom or where you last were in the chat conversation when you switch between, say global and support chat tabs. It's a little disorienting.

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