Client and Outgame [Megathread]

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Comment on your experience outside of a game here.

When providing feedback, please use the following format:

  • X happened
  • It made me feel Y (or I’d like to feel Y)
  • (optional) Here’s a suggestion to improve it


  • Minor issue:

    I had the client running in the background for about 6 hours this afternoon. When I opened it back up all the chat clients showed "Disconnected from chat." Restarting reconnected just fine.

    It made me feel lonely.

  • Client is AWESOME. I can just see watching twitch through the client and having streamers have easy interaction with their watchers directly through the client.
    * My one issue that I have windowed fullscreen selected but it starts in a windows and I have to maximize it.
    * I would love to be able to adjust graphics audio settings etc through the client.

  • The only thing that has annoyed me on the mac client is that cmd-tabbing doesn't work, you have to minimize to switch applications. Everything else feels/looks real nice.

  • Read an old chat message
    I wondered why they didn't reply yet
    It made me feel old

    I think that the time stamp being the alt-text for chat in the client could be convenient.

  • I really like the client and site. This isn't a complaint/feedback so much as a request, but it's not terribly pie-in-the-sky and I do think it's of potential importance :

    Create a central DB for stats. Heroes, units, upgrades, structures, build times, spells, etc... Any number that you think you might change in a balance patch up the road. Then use this DB to populate both the in-game data AND any learning resources you post online (like the Atlaspedia). The time to do this now, while the game is smaller, more malleable, and the task is manageable. If you put it off you'll have a mess of it, and your online resources will never be able to keep pace with patches, especially once your team grows and people like Community Managers begin to take full control of the online stuff, and devs focus solely on the game.

    I work with enterprise-scale, DB driven web applications, so I know that while some of this could involve a lot of rewrites (mostly during loads) it's fully possible to implement, and can actually make maintenance and patching much easier down the line.

  • Tried to minimize
    Could not find the minimize
    Quit the whole client instead

    I clearly have a problem. Is there no minimize option within the main client? This is fairly minor, but it is something I like to use, either minimize to the task bar, or minimize to the tray (I realize this is 2 different things).

  • I think that the game client and outgame is excellent. I think it provides a condensed and easy to navigate hub for community as well as the necessary tabs for accessing the different sections of the client. Everything is easy to see and easy to navigate.

  • I also tried to minimize the client, and was somewhat confused, because I assumed one would be there.

  • It feels strange to have to launch the game between every match. The Client feels like part of the game but they are kept entirely separate. I would like to see them integrated into one and for the game itself to remember the size it was changed to. In addition the client to allow itself to be resized, currently I tried moving it to my smaller resolution second monitor (a tv really) and it got cut off on the bottom.

  • So far, outgame client is excellent. I like the chat queues on the bottom, especially for the alpha testing having all-chat front and center, as well as embedded tutorial videos. knowning how many people are online is great too at this point.

  • TrfelTrfel Member
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    I would really appreciate a way to edit settings, options, and controls through the game client, instead of having to do so in a game itself. It would also be nice to hide the chat, though this isn't essential.

    Otherwise, the client seems great so far. Very easy to use and intuitive.

    Edit: My in-game client had a problem that prevented clicking on things, and I had to change an in-game option to fix it. I had to queue into several games until I had one where I could select the options menu to make the necessary change. It would have been extremely nice to be able to change the settings from the out of game client.

  • Really small thing, but when I made an account I didn't realize the first letter of my email address was capitalized, and that log in names are case sensitive. Was very confused when my account wasn't found :).

  • One thing I would like to suggest is a possible profanity filter. I imagine you are aiming to have as wide of an audience as possible, and I think a filter would help bringing on the young ones.

    Also, mabye an auto squelch option could be good. I know there are plenty of other games that players would enjoy an auto squelch that you all could be the innovators in that front.

  • CygnusX1CygnusX1 Member
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    It made me feel confused when the game crashed today and it made me feel frustrated when there were answers being given but too much chat activity to read what was being written by Artillery folks. I would recommend adding an "artillery only" chat area where you lovely folks can chat at us, but we cant talk back. It would have made for a much simpler process of relaying the status of the crash we experienced at launch today instead of needing Day[9] to have to be continuously spamming messages.

  • hair on firehair on fire Member
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    - I'd like to be able to turn on timestamps for chat.
    - I'd like to be able to minimize my friends list and expand the chat box.
    - I'd like to be able to invite a person to a party without being friends with them.
    - I'd like to be able to enter a person's username in a search box to look up their profile (so I can invite them, friend them, message them, ...).

    In the hero selection lobby:
    - I'd like to be able to click my allies' hero icons to explore their hero abilities, their units, and their unit abilities.
    - I'd like to be able to see the stats of a unit (health, damage, speed, ... ) when I hover over their icon. (When I hover over an ability icon, I see a description of it. When I hover over a unit icon, I don't see anything.)

  • Confused that nobody mentioned it yet, but I'd like to have my username highlighted, when somebody mentions it in the all/support/group Chat. I really love, how actively the people are participating in the chat, and that even developers or maybe later mods are available. You feel really connected.
    But once a lot of people are chatting to each other, it will cause a lot of trouble to understand who is talking to you. Maybe you could do something similiar like the Twitch Chat, where the name will be highlighted if someone is mentioning you, by just adding "@" . Nice and easy.


    In seriousness, the UI is beautiful. The chat system...not so much. It has good bones, but

    • When in a specific channel, it clutters the screen by constantly showing the channel tag on every message.
    • I would like the option to see my party chat no matter what other channel I am in. (Would be nice to be in Global and always have Party chat show up in a different color.)
    • Obviously an @+Tab system would be nice
    • A whisper system to start a PM would be nice
    • Atlas links showing up as links so I don't have to copy paste. (Obviously, other links would be at users own risk so they could stay plaintext, but when when an Artillery employee asks me to go to the forums, simply clicking the link would be nice.)
  • Client:
    * The Youtube video got covered up by the chat almost completely when I changed it from full screen, and I couldn’t seem to fix it. Restart fixed it.

    Hero Select Screen:
    * I wish the squad select was in the same order as the Atlaspedia. Not a big deal though.
    * I love the pop ups because it makes browsing squads easy. What is the cooldown time on these abilities though?
    * While trying to hover over unit pictures (trying to pop up health/damage stats or something from Atlaspedia), ability pop ups would pop up despite not hovering over them.

  • Two very minor issues:
    1. The forum "My Discussions" tab has a grey highlighted number. I immediately assumed that this was the number of updated posts or posts which had new replies but it is merely the number of posts I have made as the number never changes.
    2. The forum tracks all views and not unique views. Therefore, some posts may look far more popular if you have edited them or checked them, say because you thought they had been replied to because of another tab. :)

  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator
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    Thanks for all the feedback!
    We've started integrating some of the easy ones in today's update.

    Make sure you restart your client to get this update!


    • Added buttons to select maps when map selection is enabled in the play modal
    • Added buttons to repair the game files and clear the cache in the client's settings panel
    • Added a minimize button
    • Added timestamps to chat messages when you hover over the [room] name
    • Added better messaging when connection is lost
    • Fixed various issues related to partying and matchmaking
  • DecencyDecency Member, Moderator

    @Artillery.BKcore I'll suggest that you guys create an Artillery channel that only your team can post in, in the event that you need to make announcements again.

  • BKcoreBKcore Member, Administrator

    @Decency Agreed. We'll definitely work on something like that for the next test weekend. I'm not sure we'll have time to implement that for Sunday but we're looking into it.

  • I have noted that the log in system will not accept my email/password combination as valid unless my email is all lower case. If my email is typed "GhostStalker..." instead of "ghoststalker..." it will just reject it. I used copy and paste of my password to ensure that my tests were accurate.

  • I love the out of game client, it made me feel immediately at home with its similarities to the League of Legends client.

    One thing though, is that when I click the "Play" tab and then click on a different tab, the dropdown from the Play tab remains open. If I click a different tab, it's usually an instinctive attempt at removing the dropdown because I want to get rid of the giant thing in the middle of the screen blocking my vision OR it's because I want to be able to see a different tab unencumbered. I think making the dropdown disappear when clicking on a different tab would make the out of game client feel slightly more responsive.

  • Just tried to play my first game - noticed that the decline button was on the left while the accept button was on the right. I actually tried queuing up for a few games before I realized I was declining every game (I'm used to LoL and Dota's game accept screen). This might be a little counter intuitive and maybe should be reversed? Not a big deal though.

  • AlexAlex Member
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    Feedback on client:

    • I'd like to be able to press "escape" to get out of the 'Play' modal. I felt like once it was open it was too difficult to close-- it took me a while to figure out that clicking 'Play' again got me out of it.
    • In the 'Play' modal, it feels like the 'Gameplay Map' and 'Art Map' buttons are vertically off center, skewing bottom. I think that adding more padding to the bottom or removing some from the top could fix that.
    • The 'Find Match' button does not feel fun to interact with-- especially when contrasted with the 'Play' button in the main navigation
    • In general, the main navigational stuff at the top of the screen feels very interactive. I like the lighting effect.
    • I like that when I hover over something in the game feed, there's a little bit of an animation. I also like that it doesn't feel overbearingly animated, just enough to lemme know what's up.
    • By contrast to the above, the announcement stuff that has media + text where both animate feels over-the-top.
    • The fact that clicking on the speech bubble near the other chat options toggles it to 'All' chat is confusing to me. If it's identical to the 'All' button, why do both exist? My assumption is that the icon is just to indicate that all of the buttons are chat-related, but that isn't obvious to me at first.
    • In the lobby, if I have the 'Game Feed' tab active I think it looks strange because of the gray-on-gray that happens with the menu bar and the actual feed items. It feels like the shadow on the highlighted tab should be inset.
    • If I click someone's name in chat, I feel confused when it doesn't immediately open a private message to them but instead gives me another button I can click to message that individual.
    • It is strange to me that clicking the settings button in the top right twice doesn't close the modal. Likewise, I'd want the escape button to work.
    • When you toggle your friends list, there's a chevron that flips from pointing left to pointing right. This strikes me as odd since the actual list appears above the button, why not have the chevron be up/down instead?
    • I wish the edges of the chat box were more defined in areas where chat overlaps something.
    • There's horizontal scroll going on when viewing the game feed on the "watch" tab-- I'm assuming that's just a bug, but I figured I'd mention it regardless.
    • It feels like the chat scroll bars should be able to make it all the way to the top/all the way to the bottom of their respective windows, but they cannot
    • The forward/back buttons in the top left feel odd and out of place. My understanding is that this all started as a browser-based game, and those feel like a relic of that
    • I can open a chat with myself which is... fine I guess, but kind of goofy. Interestingly, it doesn't display any 'from' messages, but does display 'to' mesages'

    Feedback on creating an account:

    • I brought this up via support email but just figured I'd list it here as well-- I could not complete the account creation process on my phone because of some weird viewport stuff going on. Some of the fields were totally inaccessible to me.

    Actual bugs:

    • On the top right buttons, clicking about, then settings, then about again makes it so that the only way to actually get out of the modals is to click the home button on the top left.
    • When attempting to close the client while logged out, I'm still given the option to log out. That probably shouldn't be there.
  • AlexAlex Member
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    In the game settings, having volume as a select instead of slider feels awkward to me (same with other 'range' options, e.g. mouse sensitivity).

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