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  • How much of the art/sound/music final vs just a placeholder? There are some things that I'd like to give feedback on but I'm not sure if you guys are just planning to change them anyway. Are the models for squad heroes and units mostly final, or bas…
  • Does the game feel too pro-active or "front-loaded" in the choices and decisions provided to you? Selecting groups of mercs ahead of time Selecting your squad ahead of time Having the vast majority of your gold at the start of the gam…
  • Yeah I imagine the game will be a lot more fun and dynamic with 5 other real players in the game. Can't wait for Sunday!
  • I have been playing Grath. With my hero and first three units I have been going up to the titan camp just north of where I spawn and soloing it for the gems. While I am cleaning up the rest of the camp, my bot ally usually comes over to the lane and…
  • When I was playing as Grath and using the Terrapin Trooper stun-dash ability, I was disappointed because the ability felt clunky and lost its effectiveness in large-scale battles. The dash would often cause the Terrapin to get stuck on stationary f…