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  • What do you want a player to experience in the middle of a game? Do you want us to be focusing entirely on our armies with very little thought going into macro / economy? How do you feel about the length of the games? I only manage to get two PvP…
  • 1) When I placed wards, I was very excited to see through the fog of war but I felt very confused as to how they functioned; are they invisible? Can other players tell if they are there? Do they get killed when the enemy A-moves through the area? Th…
  • I want to chime in on the terrapin issue (I don't have a specific replay right now but I can fetch one later if needed). The first few times I used the charge maneuver it was just a silly mess - I ordered the whole group to do it at once and they a…
  • 1) When I first got into the client I was presented with a progress bar for a download. It wasn't clear how long it was going to take / what exactly it was for / whether I needed to wait for it to finish before I could play or whether I just couldn…
  • This was a great introductory video. Thank you!