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  • I have tentative positive feelings about deckbuilding. I have a much clearer sense of the role of mercenaries than I did in TW3. And I'm already noticing more diversity of compositions.
  • I like the titans auto-attacking. I have fewer of those sad moments of "aww, I had a titan and its timer is half gone because I didn't notice it". I have a vague positive feeling about shield generators. The warp-in mechanic feels very well-motiva…
  • I get a little bit frustrated when I'm right-clicking on gems and my hero's right there and no collector appears. A couple times, I then looked around and it looked like there was a collector, but next to the gem instead of on it. One time, I trie…
  • Initial impression from Intro Bots: This game makes more sense to me than TW3 did. The economy feels a lot more familiar. I have a better sense of how to get resources and what to be doing. Also, I had more cool success moments than I remember per…
  • I don't really understand the little ">>" guys on the right side of the Tutorial screen. Also, I can click them after victory, and hear about them, though I can't see them very well through the "Victory" banner. Once or twice, my guys advance…
  • I'm a little confused when I read in the Gameplay Guide that Piercing damage is 100% effective against Heavy, 75% against Normal, and 50% against Light. That suggests that 20 Piercing damage is never worth more than 20 Normal damage. But the modifie…
  • I never need to tier up manually. The miscues from hitting "A" to attack-move, but with the wrong selection, always take care of that for me.
  • I spent a while confused how to quickly select my base to make units. For a while I scrolled my screen back to it when I needed to make units. Then I remembered Day9 saying I could select it and Ctrl+5 and then 5 to select it again. And that worked …
  • I don't understand why the Mercpedia has unit descriptions and the Atlaspedia does not. Aren't the Atlaspedia units supposed to be the focus?
  • The client feels slow to me. In particular, the Mercpedia can take more than a minute "Computing quaternions" and "Initiating boot sequence" and what have you before it loads. Feels slower in the client than on the website, but neither's quick.