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  • Replay ID: Ga38ec05d2cf845679293d620298b35a3 At about 6:00 one of my units got stuck behind one of the easy NPCs and couldn't move out. I had to attack the NPC to get it to move away from my unit before my unit could move freely again. At about …
  • Wasn't sure how to categorize this so I'll put here. When choosing a unit composition, I couldn't see a way to compare unit resource costs, only abilities. Unit cost feels like an equally important characteristic when comparing units for a composi…
  • I like the little alerts that come up while playing the intro bots to remind of certain things that you can be doing, but I noticed some inconsistency in terminology. One popup referred to the Research Facility and Charm Shop, though they are now c…
  • No worries! Compared to a lot of the other changes in this test weekend, this is small potatoes. I totally understand that it wasn't able to be addressed yet.
  • Personal preference, I know, but I am just not a fan of the mustache on Ryme.
  • Being able to choose which resource I want to gain at any point makes me feel much more in control of resource production now. I really like that. I feel that in the later stages of the game (around level 3) my supply isn't high enough to allow me…
  • Bump. This is still an issue in this version.
  • I played around with control groups a bit and I think I get the alt/ctrl/shift differences. I noticed if a group that was created with alt was reassigned (for example, I had some units grouped with alt+4 and then assigned a different group of units…
  • Thanks for the clarification! That helps a lot!
  • I had that happen to me as well, also when my army was assigned to a control group. The tilde key then seemed to only select units that were not in the control group, rather than the entire army. I was able to get the default behavior of the tilde…