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  • I don't know so much about Hydros, but as Grath (The other Melee T1 hero) its all about getting the right engagement. Terrapin Troopers beat most other T1's 1v1 but as you mentioned its hard to get them in range. My experience is you have to sprea…
  • After PvP I feel like the game is usually very one sided. Out of 6 games only 1 felt like it was really close the whole time. Most games one team dominates the first round of generators and then just steamrolls from there. Its not like one team g…
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the first PvP test, but there were some frustrating moments I thought I would mention: In one of my games I decided to try out Abominable Sludge and he generally feels really useless and frustrating unless your doing a titan pu…
  • Personally, I feel like upgrades should be explained in the tutorial. It took me around 3 bot games to realize they were there and they are still somewhat a mystery to me. Also it took me a while to understand the value of scrap orbs and supply cry…
  • The problem of collisions extends beyond just blocking heroes, from my experience large (and even small) melee units like Bramblethorn Giant just feel really frustrating to use since they get stuck in the pile of units and can't attack or move effic…