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  • Sorry to hear that, guys. Whatever happened, may you all move on to greener pastures in your future endeavors. (I'd love to see a postmortem, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be for our eyes)
  • I only had time for three games today, but I feel like I have a basic understanding of how to play now. My actions are somewhat purposeful, although I'm somewhat still lost at times. I have an idea of the how, when and why of farming, titan collecti…
  • Preface: I wasn't intending on doing this, but since a couple of admins have shown interest, I thought they might also be interested in my feelings as I transitioned from bots to PvP. You might have thought I wouldn't actually follow up and do PvP,…
  • Day two! With a night of being able to sleep on it, and a day to digest, I'm ready to start again. My goal is to win a game against Normal Bots by game 10. I'm going to stick with Grath and default units unless I say otherwise. This is mainly fee…
  • Oh, I wanted to mention one more thing, but I should stop editing my OP and just reply to keep my thoughts slightly less chaotic. Some time in the fourth game, I realized that the core queue can be longer than 2. Before that, I thought it was 2 max…