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  • Resource Management bug, and interface feedback When I use the production facilities to manage scrap, stock, supply etc, it will default to producing either stock or army supply with no user input. If I want to immediately start producing scrap, I …
  • I thought the music was very tame. In the midgame things can get long and slow, so having an entertaining soundtrack is important when I'm doing repetitive tasks. Perhaps the current music could be used in a bigger soundtrack. Unit art for red unit…
  • Pathing seems pretty good. I played five or so games, and in each game I would lose a unit or two because they got trapped by the units behind them pushing them into the enemy. I felt OK with that, though, because I came from Starcraft and it happen…
  • Destroying Neutral Camps gives more than just gems? I destroyed some neutral camps but I didn't really notice my stock or supply change (it's implied in the OP that killing neutral camps somehow affects the current supply and stock). That makes me …
  • Day9, do you remember in early development (perhaps the end of 2014?) you wrote and git merged some feature that accidentally made it so nothing could attack? In a video you described this, and said that someone had to take over and undo all your wo…