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  • Very sad So much potential...
  • I Agree with you at approximately 30% haha. Two things to clarify my RTS experience First I would like to say that I absolutely don't like engagement in SC2, way too much damage output, death balling effect with big armies. With smaller armies …
  • Very agree with the first point !
  • Guys, what about a ranking combining the 2 approaches : Using tiers (and sub tiers) for low and middle skill group : bronze (1,2,3), silver (1,2,3), gold (1,2,3), plat (1,2,3), dia (1,2,3,4,5) for example. And when you hit the last group which is …
  • You need practice to master the path finding, it can takes time but it's very rewarding when you get it and it allows a lot of cool micro moves (a lot more than a "better" path finding will allow).
  • Yeah the current system is really great, but I can understand that for young players coming from SC2/LoL/Dota, it may feel a little weird. However, with time, I hope you realise how cool it is
  • @NukeOfficial said: I dont think there is anything wrong with the Movement speed or dmg/healt of units, but the Neutral camps should respawn much faster! At the start of the Game you get some basic units, clear out the camps and then you have …
  • I definititely enjoy this "bad" pathfinding micro, SC2 perfect pathfinding was very boring to me. small complaint : due to the design of the map, during the titans fights, sometimes you just can't do much to place all your units well because all t…