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  • It makes my heart heavy to hear this. I must thank you all for having me on this journey. Through the playtests and many conversations, I have discovered much about myself and learned so much from all of you. I wish you well in whatever path you tak…
  • I've tried to update my motherboard but there is no newer version for that specific board ID. I've tried to update my audio drivers manually and automatically many different way without success. I still think that it is the audio drivers but I'm jus…
  • Actually, that's on my to do list. I'm still running Windows 8.1. Maybe that is it. I'll try updating my motherboard configurations (and anything else I can think of) anyway tomorrow. Sorry if I made this a wild goose chase for you.
  • I only have one audio device at the moment. My Steelseries headphones with the built in mic. They use a 1/8" stereo jack. Originally is "Auto/ Follow OS Default" but switched to "Speakers / Headphones (IDT High definition Audio CODEC)" after and bac…
  • I have noted that the log in system will not accept my email/password combination as valid unless my email is all lower case. If my email is typed "GhostStalker..." instead of "ghoststalker..." it will just reject it. I used copy and paste of my pas…
  • Two very minor issues: 1. The forum "My Discussions" tab has a grey highlighted number. I immediately assumed that this was the number of updated posts or posts which had new replies but it is merely the number of posts I have made as the number ne…
  • Also, I have just noted that the system will automatically go to a few lines above the bottom whenever you switch between windows. That is to say, it will not automatically go to the bottom or where you last were in the chat conversation when you sw…
  • At least you still get a bronze metal Cerebral