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  • ah, just what white needed, a nerf to their best unit
  • first one is a bug, second one is a design flaw imo, its probably functioning as intended, however I don't think a lot of thought has been put into design. it would be ok if it didnt take like 10+ seconds to unload a full army, the unit should eithe…
  • @Grombie said: The issue with Cheese is that so far it has been only early game and only viable for a short time. You have to somehow make Cheese available in different stages of the game or have Cheese strategies be able to transition to a…
  • apparently I cant edit my post, but just need to make a couple of clarifications meant to say "deselect your army afterwards to micro your carrier close to optimal units" and just to mention, my description of what is happening may not be whats ac…
  • can we get a results thread? curious what comps placed where, dont have 4 hours to dedicate to watching a tournament but would love to watch certain games that i feel id learn from
  • @DoktorGruM said: We've played the whole tournament with white and Purifier. Yes you need a hard tanking frontline and yes they are slow as hell, but changing anything at whit isn't the solution. Fixing the other classes would be better e.g…
  • The damage is there in the units... it's just Purifiers are gimmicky and thats a large source of the damage. I think if they really shortened the uproot time to like near instant, this would really add to their survivability, but still punish bad p…